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Meet Janick Arseneau

I was born in New-Brunswick, in the small town of Bathurst. I started dance at the young age of 3yrs old. I was trained at Dance Acadie (New-Brunswick) from age of 3 to 18. Dance has always been a part of me and helped me get through difficult times. The dance studio was a place where I always felt at home. I took every class of every style that was given. I always knew I wanted to keep dancing and make a living with my passion. Being a professional dancer has always been my dream. One of my biggest goals when I was young was to be part of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I knew the odds of making it were slim, bring from a small town. I knew I had to make a big move. I never let the negative comments get to me, I always kept my mind on my goals. I finished high school in New-Brunswick and moved to Montreal to pursue my dance career. I left everything behind, including friends and family, took the risk and made the move. 


Ever since, I accomplished so many goals that i've set for myself, and started my dance career in Canada. One of them was being on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 3. Not only did I accomplish that goal, but I finish as a finalist - Top 4. I've also since then accomplished, dancing in the videogame 'The Micheal Jackson The Experience' from Ubisoft with the Kinect for the Xbox 360; assisted alongside Megan Lawson (FanyPack) and Phil 'Packman' Shbeeb (IamMe) for the Micheal Jackson The Immortal Tour from Cirque du Soleil choreographed by NappyTabs; I danced in the movie 'Mirror Mirror' featuring stars such as Julia Roberts; Nathan Lane; danced in the movie 'Make your move 3D' choreographed by NappyTabs, directed by Duane Adler and starring Derek Hough and BoA; was on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 with Irratik; danced for Ceelo Green, Def Leppard, Melissa Etheridge and Kelly Clarkson on the Quebec version of the hit TV show The Voice (La Voix); danced on the Bell Center stage for signer Marie-Mai and danced in the movie Step Up 5 : All In.


I am now living in Los Angeles and accomplished my biggest goal yet. I am dancing with Jennifer Lopez in her three year residency show in Las Vegas at the Axis theatre in Planet Hollywood as my first job in the USA. I’ve also along the way danced in JLO’s newest music videos ‘Ain’t your mama’, ‘Dinero’, ‘El Anillo’ and ‘Limitless’; danced with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart at the MTV Movie Awards, I danced with Hailee Steinfeld at the RDMAs and danced with Rihanna at the VMAs. Even though I have accomplished so many of my dreams, my goals do not stop there. I believe that as a dancer and as a person, we always have more that we can learn and achieve, and one should never settle. If you can dream it, then it can become a reality.

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